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Thank you for visiting this website. Hopefully it will stimulate you to develop further awareness about your own health and well being and how you face life issues, as well as provide useful information about homeopathy, what it is and what it can do for you.
I have included a brief history of homeopathy, an explanation of what homeopathy is and how it features as a healthcare choice. I have also given some insight into what to expect from a homeopathic consultation, and I sincerely encourage you to request a free talk on homeopathy to groups of 7 or more.
Homeopathy is a system of medicine that recognizes our uniqueness. We all individuals are with particular strengths and weaknesses, so it isn’t surprising that when we become ill we each react in our own way. Even if we catch the “same” cold as our neighbour or colleague, our response to it may be quite different from theirs.  
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Using the time-honored principle that like can be cured with like, homeopathy has taken a wide range of natural substances and carefully recorded the symptoms these substances cause in healthy people. Matching these substances as closely as possible, to the individual and the particular symptoms that they are experiencing encourages their own healing energy to return them to health. 
NARM orignated on the 9th of Oct. 2004 with a specialized Aim Mission, in the heart of NEW DELHI, Capital of The Country in a rented building but today Narm Pharmaceuticals has its own spacious and multi storeyed building, where each and every thing is performed with a systematic way.
NARM has systemised, organized & specialized management team which managed professionally.

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